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Do you have unfiled tax returns? In some instances not filing a tax return is a Federal crime. This tends to be more likely where tax returns for several years, had they been filed, would have reported substantial taxes owing. Making the wrong moves to get back on track can in some situations make matters worse. Deciding the proper course of action varies with each situation and should not be undertaken by consulting an accountant who may not fully appreciate, criminal tax issues. 

Tax Services

Tax Preparation - If you don't necessarily love doing your taxes (or have an accounting degree), you've come to the right place. At our firm, we do what we love: taxes. small businesses, larger enterprises, and individuals – we've done them all.   

Dealing with back taxes, the IRS can be a daunting and intimidating creditor.  We can help individuals and businesses resolve their tax liabilities with individually tailored solutions. The end to your tax problem might be a combination of proceedings and alternatives, including: a collection due process hearing, an Offer in Compromise, an Installment Agreement, filing amended (or original) tax returns, being placed in currently not collectable status, or bankruptcy. Type your paragraph here.

IRS / State Representation - Even when you have nothing to hide, an IRS or State tax audit can quickly become complicated and dangerous. While you may be led to believe hiring a lawyer is too expensive, consulting with a  tax attorney is on the best decision you can make. Our experience in dealing with the IRS and States of Arkansas and Oklahoma lets us unravel complicated situations, ease fear and lessen confusion. 

We can limit your exposure during an audit, convince the IRS of your position, and establish facts and law that will benefit you should your controversy proceed to the next phase. It is our understanding of that next phase that leads to our success in resolving cases during an audit.